Vintage Rentals Albuquerque - Santa Fe - Four Corners

Alta Sue “Susie” had this photograph taken in what she considered to be a little corner of heaven at Fishs Eddy in New York City.  Along with signature lines of new tableware designs, the shop salvaged vintage dinnerware, stacks and stacks of it.  Because this was a photo that spoke of her travel for the year and her passion, Susie included the photo in the family’s annual holiday email greeting.

It was Susie’s mother-in-law that saw the photo and presented the idea that was both obvious and enlightening at the same time.  “I can see you with a little vintage dishes shop.”  Susie was immediately floored by this statement.  

Why had she not thought of this before now?!  Anyone that knew her knew that she loved to  thrift shop and that dishes and glassware were absolutely irresistible.  She envied Martha Stewart for her barn full of dishes.  She loved setting a table, especially for intimate dinners with close friends and family.

The ensuing avalanche of ideas, the tears of joy her mother cried when hearing the idea, and the uninhibited excitement made her certain that THIS was her moment and her collision with destiny...