The things around us have cameo roles in the STORIES woven by the lives we lead.

Very often FAMILY gatherings and social occasions are centered around a meal, a warm or cool beverage, or a delicious sweet. And we hope that the way we serve them reflects our personal style.

We also HOPE that younger generations will adopt our fondness for what we think is pretty. China patterns and service ware are considered heirlooms in most families. We long for enthusiasm from a daughter, a son or perhaps a niece that they will someday serve their families on the very same plates we serve them. And for some this plays out, sometimes for multiple generations.

But for some, this is not reality. If we are successful in teaching our youth to be individuals, they may find a style of their own that doesn't accommodate our things.  And very often, beautiful dishes are kept close to honor the MEMORIES of those that once treasured them, but sadly they never again grace a tabletop.

Honor~ware are those dishes that can be used and ENJOYED by someone that loves them, with their stories and memories passed along as well to honor those that used and enjoyed them before.

Honor~ware also provides a SENTIMENT and history to their new owners who may not have had their family stories preserved. With honor~ware everyone can have a story to tell and our tables can be BLESSED with beautiful dishes that otherwise might have remained hidden away.

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